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Today was interesting – I have comments, love comments – but sadly, they weren’t REAL comments.  They were SPAM – well, not really SPAM – a delicious concoction of Pork Shoulder and ham.. MMM, when cubed, grilled with scrambled eggs – Divine.

No, this was spam in Russian.  Seems I have a ton of Russian people who read this blog (or at least sign up, so they can comment with Spam for Russian gimmicks).

So, I deleted a bunch of Spam and am ready to look forward to using a new tool that I have and maybe I’ll post up something I find on my adventures this weekend.

Oh, and before I forget: Я люблю, когда российские посетители, но, пожалуйста, не оставляйте спам

May all your trips be Wonder Full!
Uncle Chris

tarot-moonOne’s feet are always at the end of their legs. At least, most days. I have been on quite a long, and strange trip, yet seem to have never left.
Darkness was a part of it, light as well, and some fun times of transition. Cobwebs and Pumpkins, a Cheshire cat, and something above the darkness of caves – the light of collaboration. New friends, old enemies, new enemies and old friends.

Yep, my memories are a jumble at times, I blame the fermented drinks natives tend to ply me with. Can’t ignore a good drink, or dodge a fireball.

I travel again in a few weeks time, again a group of natives who work their magic. I can’t believe it has been two years since I put pixel to database and crafted in light and magnetic fields. But, I think that I will be happy with the outcome of this. It feels right, this time. Right. This time. 🙂 Time will tell (rarely can it keep secrets from those who know where to look), as does a new moon yesterday – a time for making and creating and finding the glittery among the motes of darkness and light.

I know many would love to say at this point in their journey, they promise to make it here, but then we both know the Universe. I am only to be where I am, and to promise to be elsewhere, well, is a false promise. 🙂 A promise, is a promise and one that should always be kept.

May all your trips be Wonder full!
Uncle Chris

Latest Trip: There and back again…

I can’t believe how long it seems that I have been away. It seemed like yesterday I was in the Wilde Caves, but today I just returned from a fantastic trip. I was traveling back home, just north of the Appalachian Mountains and South of the Andes, in a small valley admiring a butterfly (Blues Blackus Wingus I believe) and I heard a noise off in the distance, the sound of drumming, and chanting. I wasn’t aware of any native peoples in this area, so the Explorer within me searched out the sound, to ignore the call would be such a Flake.

While walking a woodland path searching for this drumming, I noticed a mirror on the edge of the path, twined with vines and branches. I did what any bold explorer would do and checked my hair, because one doesn’t want to offend the natives. Looking at my mane in the mirror, I noticed behind me a man with a feathered headdress and mask. I turned to look the man was gone, but sitting on a rock was snake, covered in rainbow scales each sparkling in the sunlight. I moved closer, and noticed the scales were feathers and the creature had wings. He rose up and flew further into the woods. I followed him, for what is there at the end of rainbows but treasure? Time seemed to stretch and minutes flew by day and night, night and day. What a great time, memories of dancing by a fire, speaking with deities, hearing wonderful music and stories, and the sweet taste of grapes, a trip to a faerie shrine, my own encounter with a dragon, a bear, a cub and a wizard, a goddess and raven, even a walk around a circle of the sun. Such great memories.

I thanked my host, and was surprised that when I returned, a bag of gifts I had and also some trinkets. Some I keep close to my heart, others I will put them on the site to sell.

I am very, very happy I followed that feathered serpent betwixt the worlds.

May all your trips be Wonder full,
Uncle Chris