Unity is a powerful Tool

I had attempted to make an Android game, loading up Eclipse and SDK and coding away and barely had the patience to create Hello World, much less a GAME!

I went searching for a tool to help with this, since I knew there were better ways to accomplish this.  I found Unity – and it was priced right free until your company makes 100k a year.  It reminded me of Borland Delphi days – it did a bunch of work so you wouldn’t have to in some early windows development. Understanding that behind the scenes is fun, but the way technology is growing, I can’t keep up with that and my day job! :

I have been quite happy with Unity. It has allowed me to make some pretty cool apps, with very little coding and the coding it does allow can be pretty complex. Best of both worlds.  And allows me to make Web, PC, and Android game ported pretty easily between with a single code base.  That is a SCORE to me – they even support XBox (NICE, since I did two years of XNA development with nothing much to show for it – some nice books, :D)

I decided that I needed to craft a game, and started and stopped and started and stopped and started and stopped.  So many ideas, so little skill and too much ambition.  Then came ExtraCredits – I have been listening to almost every episode – jumping all around as the feeling takes me.  Then I saw their How to create your first game and felt I was in the majority – lack of skill and HUGE ambition and tons of failures that I felt didn’t learn from.

I left it sit and fiddled around and started with Faerie Garden Defender.  Got all excited about it,and attempted to make it – and got pretty far, but scope and skill were still out of wack.  That will be revisited as game 2.

Then I found Ludum Dare – one day of linking and tutorials and linking from notes I found Ludum Dare.  Making a video game, by your self in 48 hours, based on a topic that the community picked.  I was psyched, I was ready, and I have done NanoWriMo and won twice, a novel in a month seemed MUCH more difficult than a game in a weekend.

The Topic was – All on One Screen.  I knew many would create a single screen game, but I LOVE to twist things into a different play on words – so I though of a bug trapped by a window screen, looking for a hole to escape.  I played with some graphics, but then found my digitial painting skills need some work and lady bugs were easier. 🙂  So I had a lady bug, trying to find her way out of a screen.   I liked the idea of the old nursery rhyme –

Lady Bug, Lady Bug
Fly way home.
Your house is on fire,
and your kids may burn.

So the plan was a lady bug, picking up her kids and finding a hole in the screen while fire raged,  Maybe make water shields and such, but her kids would follow her like little ducks (and being like Snake).  I also liked going into the light – and decided that a helpful light – maybe a faerie would guide her to the exit.

I had created a dynamic screen with an exit and collision.  Everything was going great, and then it all just fizzled.

The other day,it hit hard, get this done – so I picked it up and got organized and have recommitted to it.  I like the direction this is going.

I have been struggling with a bug of a bug. Seems getting the babies to follow their mom wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. They kept bunching up on top of each other. So Unity has such a great tool – UnityAnswers  I haven’t found a question I had that wasn’t already asked, even with minor nuiances (such as can I see that in C# over JavaScript).  The community is amazing and the tool is so flexible.  I am finding it really helps make game development Sing.



So I took a small break and rewarded myself with posting this – and now need to get back to work on the game.  Friday should see a good playable version uploaded for Web and Android, I’ll keep you informed!

May all your trips be Wonder Full!

Uncle Chris


June 1, 2015


Today is June 1st and I have started, and stopped at least three times. But, not anymore.

Today is June 1st and I am committing to posting new content on Friday and re-purposing this as my dev blog for my new indie game. I may post stuff from art studio and some polymer stuff I make, but I want to get coding and creating.

Today is June 1st and I am 17,963 days old and needing to start to focus a bit. On July 8th, I will be 18,000 days old and want to celebrate with releasing a version of my game.  It may be bad, it may be hideous, maybe – but I want everyone to give me feedback on it and let me know.

Today is June 1st and I am committed to doing this.

May all your trips be wonder full!
Uncle Chris


Reboot 3.0

I have felt the need to create again – work has become monotonous, like fifty shades of grey and without all the S&M fun.

My art needs to happen, my brain is filled with items that want to be found, unearthed, carved of light, clay and everything else.

So, I am getting back here, trying to make the world more colored. Splashes of color that will form into different streams.  I have added two items to Collections – one for physical art, one of computer applications I am toying with.